Perlier Volcanic Thermo Scrub

*I received this product for the sole purpose of honest review from iFabbo
So, as many of you know I work with a company that often gives me these great products to review. The first was this really awesome stuff called Crackling Body Water. I still use it- often!! Perlier has really great quality items. I receive the Volcanic Theromo Scrub a couple weeks ago and I finally got a chance to use it. When using these great products, I don't like to have them interfere with any other products that I may be using at the time. So, I like to wait until I am product free before moving on the the next. I finally got to use it and it was so awesome. I have used several body scrubs in the past, but I have always found something that I didn't like. For example, they were too rough or left my body feeling too greasy. 

Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Thermo Renewing Scrub

The Perlier Volcanic Thermo Scrub was just right for me. It had a mild amount of scrub so that some of my skin was left smooth when I was done. It also left my skin feeling clean and not greasy or dry. It just felt really clean. I happen to have sensitive skin and this was very mild to my poor sensitive body, but still gave it the feel of "renewal" that a scrub should do. I recommend this scrub as it has a very mild sent and not to overwhelming.

Some fun facts:

This actually contains water from hot springs in Abana Terrme (Padua)
There are many anti-aging ingredients in here that help with your skins elasticity 
Since this is a scrub, it gets rid of dull skin therefore making your skin look younger
This is made in Italy
This smells absolutely amazing!

The stats-
Size: 6.7 fl oz. 
Smell: Very mild, yet very enticing. It smells fresh and invigorating without being overwhelming.
Cost: $25, but use iFabbo5 for a $5 off coupon!!
Pros: The container is very easy to use with a screw off lid. The leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth.
Cons: It does not leave your skin greasy and some people may like the overly hydrated feel, for me this is not a problem, but for some they may want that.

So, now that you NEED this in your life, this is how to get it

Follow this LINK and order away. You may even find yourself snooping at other products. Go ahead. Purchase them all. You will love your body sooooo good. 


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