Nail Challenge Collaborative- Technique 2

Since we are on a create your own technique kick. This was actually a failed attempt at the spotted technique with sanitizer spray. I ended up with kind of a splatter technique. So, I thought I bought the spray sanitizer, but it was actually  gel. I did my whole set up and "plop"- out came the plop of sanitizer instead of spray. Well, I had to keep going because I was already 3/4 of the way there.

Sanitizer Splatter Technique:
1st- choose your colors and gather your supplies. You can pick as many as you want. I picked 2. You will also need paper towels, water, a cup that you don't drink out of (solo cups are good choices), vaseline or tape, toothpick or dotting tool and any non-spray hand sanitizer.
2nd- paint your nails with your base coat. You can use just white or pick really any color(s)
3rd- fill a cup of warm water. You need to pick the right temperature- just like water marbling. I air on the warmer side because by the time I am done prepping it gets down to room temp. If your room is too cold or too hot, you will need to adjust the temp of the water. It will affect the spread of the polish.
4th- set up. You will need to spread your paper towel unscrew the caps to your polish and lay out your toothpick or dotting tool. I prefer the toothpick because I can just throw it out when I'm done. And take the cap off of your sanitizer. At this point you can either tape around your nails to aide with clean up or apply a nice coat of vaseline. I prefer vaseline because I think it works better and for me, it's easier to clean up. Just slather all around your nail- don't forget to include behind the tip. This gets messy!!
5th- You will now need to work kind of fast. Polish that is thinned out like this WILL dry fast. Drop a couple drops of 1 color in your water. It will spread out. Once it is spread out, flick a couple little plops (with your toothpick or dotting tool) on top of the polish. It will create a crazy looking design. You can make it look crazier by swirling it a little bit with the sanitized dotting tool or toothpick. Find the area of the design you like the best and insert your finger at a 90 degree angle. Let it sit for about 10 seconds. With your finger still in the water, will then pull the excess polish off the water.
6th- Now, wipe off the vaseline. You should have little to no clean up after this. Repeat for the rest of your nails and then add your top coat.

That's it!!

Zoya- Zuza
Essie- Carry On


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