Nail Challenge Collaborative #4

Last one... and of course I started doing these lovlies about a year ago when everyone was doing the gradient tips, I took the back way- like always and did the opposite. Like instead of looking like the tips are dipped in glitter, it looks like the tips were dipped in polish. So, to recreate this look it's pretty simple, but time staking.
First, start with a base coat.
Second, dip a blob of glitter at the base.
Thirdly, slowly pull the glitter up from the blob. Pull it up in varying strokes to create a blended look.
The Liquid Lacquer I used is totally packed with glitter, so it was a little harder to pull. The idea is to make the bottom look thicker or more opaque than the top. 
So this is it... Slightly hard to photograph because of all of the sparkle, but you get it!

OPI- Barre My Soul
Liquid Lacquer- No Name

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