How to Make Your FB Likes Public

How To:
Ok so after long conversations with several people about likes sometimes not being seen or visible when checking as an admin, I have decided to do a tutorial on how to make them public. Some of you may not need to read this, but I definitely did. I was on a no-win dry spell and I think I know why. I, like many others, ignored the whole page privacy thing thinking it didn't affect me. Well, it did. A couple months ago, I noticed that a lot of pages that I liked were saying "make sure you change you privacy settings so that you can still follow me". Well, I didn't know what this meant and how this even linked to privacy for my pages. Well, it will all come full circle soon. FB did a lot of privacy changes because of the infamous FB stalkers. Having view access to all your liked pages and having all your liked pages knowing you liked them fall into this. So think you are in this "oopps" boat too?? This is how to fix it.

From your "Home" page find your little avatar/ profile picture on the top left of your screen
Click on "Edit Profile"
From there, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen until you see "Likes"
Most of your beauty pages will be under "Other" or "Website"
Click on the "Edit" pencil in the right hand of the little "Likes" box
Click on "Edit Privacy"
Here, you will be able to choose the privacy of the pages you "Like"
For purposes of entering giveaways, you will want to change the privacy of the "Others" and "Websites" to public by toggling the drop down menu next to each category. Like this...

Well now that the great brain of Miranda C. and I are pretty close to genius level, I hope you are all educated!! Again, I didn't know about these shennenaigans so I am hoping I helped at least 1 person with this little tech rant... Ok continue the giveaway entering....


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