Don't Get It Citrus Twisted by Jindie Nails

*this polish was won in a contest given by maker
Whooop!! Another Jindie Nails polish! I love these crelly lovlies! I can never get enough of Jindie Nails and this just takes it over the top. I really do not like the color green, but this is just awesome. The neon green with all the neon glitters in it just makes it fantastic. As you can see, this is a bright neon green with matte green, pastel yellow and bright yellow dots and large neon pink and baby pink hexes. I used 2 coats in these pictures. Some people say that Jindie Nails polish is too thick, but there is a trick to applying it. She always packs and awesome amount of glitter into each bottle, so you don't need to fish. This also means that you don't need to chunk it on. Apply it like you do other polishes and the glitter will just come. You will always have a nice smooth application and always a great amount of glitter. Don't chunk it on!! Anyway, here it is and enjoy!!

Jindie Nails- Don't Get It Citrus Twisted 


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