Avon Polish Review

*This polish was won in a giveaway
Well ladies and gents- this is my first Avon Polish that I have ever tried. I won it in a contest given by a blogger. I am very grateful that I won her contest, she, shortly after decided to kick me and several other people out of a facebook group. From what I gather, it was because I was in another group that she didn't like some of the girls. So, as I said, I am very grateful for the win, but kinda confused and ungrateful for the boot! I hate to even write that, but I usually do a huge- giant loving to all my wins and the bloggers that I won from, but *shurgs* can't do it for this one. Booooo

Anyway, since I hate drama and avoid it- that's all I will say about that.

So this is Avons version of a holo and I am diggin it. It is not slammed with beauty like the Color Clubs, but it has just enough to bump it over China Glazes poop in a bottle they call holo.It was very gorgeous once it dried and very nice to apply. I really am digging the Avon brushes as well. Now, there is no right answer when asked what the best polish brush is, but everyone has their favorites. Some people like the SH Salon Perfect wide brushes and some people like the ILNP skinny burshes. I like them right down the middle. Three strokers I call them. You only need three stokes to get polish on your entire nail.

Avon- Aurora


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