Winnings from Hit Polish and a Little Bettina

*All polishes in this post were won in giveaways by ColorMeSoCrazy

My winnings from Hit Polish are over some Bettina. Hit Polish was one of my first indie polishes and I feel in love ever since then. I currently own over 20 Hit Polishes and I am constantly seeing more that I love and NEED!! As for the Bettina, I love these polishes. I only own 3 and they are beautiful colors with great application. This is the last of the three that I won from a giveaway

Kit & Caboodle gradient accent nails! Super cute and I love the 80s combo. The Bettina is a yellow with a lean towards green, but it is a perfect 80s color.

Hit Polish- Kit & Caboodle
Bettina- Kiwi


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