I am part of a really fabulous group of women that all have a love (okay, an obsession) with nail polish. I have met some really great people and learned some really great things. We have decided to start a twinsies program just for us!! I am sooooo superexcited about this because I think it's soo cool to see what other people can do with the same colors. This week it is me and Joy! You may remember Joy from my guest posts while I was away. Joy is a really great person and has really really great swatches. For this twinsie we decided on a florescent yellow and a Jindie Nails. We picked Rave as our Jindie. She used Illamasqua Rare and I used Orly Glowsticks. You get the idea!! Well here they are! Enjoy!!

Orly- Glowsticks
Jindie Nails- Rave


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