Throwback Thursday

Yes, we are here yet again. This weeks throwback is in my purple section. I used 3 polishes to create a mini mixed ombre- Ombre Scramble. I really enjoy doing the throw backs, because it makes me feel like less of a nail polish hoarder and less of a waster. This way I try my polishes at least two times... haha. Anyway, purple is my favorite color and I have a pretty big selection. The Bettina is one of my favorite purples. It has a little shimmer to it, but the shade is just so yummy. Truth is these three are my favorite purples. They are all different shades, but they are such beautiful colors. I hope you all enjoy my Ombre Scramble.

Bettina- Butterfly
L'Oreal- The Mystic's Fortune
NYC- Purple Pizzazz Frost


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