Jindie Nails- Just Claws

As many of you know, I am totally in love with Jindie Nails. I think her work is amazing. Her customer service is one of the best around and her polish is just high quality. I got Just Claws a while ago and I always pass it up when looking for an untired because I am waiting for the perfect time. Well my trip to Portland was that time. I picked some minis that were easy to travel with and a special one- my Just Claws! I love the holo of this. This is a dark pink linear holo that is sooo awesome in the sun. So- bottom line is whenever you have the opportunity to get a Jinide- BUY THEM ALL!!

I should mention that I was in a hotel room when photographing these, so I didn't have my usual light set up. Not too shabby!

Jindie Nails- Just Claws


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