iFabbo Social Media Conference

credit to http://blog.ifabbo.com/conference-2/

So I am not sure if you have heard, but iFabbo is having a FABULOUS conference on 10/12/13 in San Fransisco. I joined iFabbo several months ago and I really like the organization. The team that runs the organization is so supportive of their bloggers and it is just so great to be part of a group like that. They always offer so many opportunities to grow as a blogger and be introduced to so many companies and products. So now that you all know I love iFabbo, a little about their iFabulous conference in October.

This is the 2nd conference they are holding and it is for bloggers and brands. There are several panels on a variety of topics from monetizing from your blog to media kit development to legal issues surrounding bloggers. Hosting each panel is a great group of people. Some names include Beauty Junkies Unite, My Beauty Bunny, PR Couture, reps from HSN and ShopSense. How exciting are those names?? Anyway, for more information be sure to visit the conference site here.  Enjoy and #iFabboSFcon

P.S. I have also heard the swag bags are pretty iFabulous as well!!!


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