Giveaways from Around the Polish World Updates!!!

I try to update these daily to add more and take away the old ones. The ones that end the soonest are at the top and later at the bottom. Please be sure to read through each giveaways rules as they are all different. If you would like to add your giveaway to this list, please email me at I will only post nail related giveaways.

Happy Blogiversary ColorMeSoCrazy
Ends: 8/31

Oh Three Oh Four Blogiversary Giveaway #4 <---- this girl is on a roll p.s.
Ends: 8/7

Happy Birthday Harry Giveaway by Accio Lacquer
Ends: 8/7 

Dipped in Lacquer 1 Year Blogiverary Giveaway
Ends: 8/8 

Frazzle and Anipolish Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Giveaway
Ends: 8/8 

Imperfectly Painted Cult Nails Road Trip Collection 
Ends: 8/9

Over the Top Coat by LynnBDesigns Giveaway
Ends: 8/9 

My Ten Friends Giveaway
Ends: 8/9 

The Nail Junkie Barielle Giveaway
Ends: 8/10 

More after the Break!!

Looks Flawless This Summer Collaboration
Ends: 8/12 

Nails Never Fails 1k Facebook Likes Giveaway
Ends: 8/12 

Kyoti's Nails' is now Insomnilacq New Blog Name Giveaway 
Ends: 8/13 

She Said Beauty Etudes Giveaway
Ends: 8/13 

Tawdry Terrier Giveaway
Ends: 8/15

Nails4Dummies Multi Prize Giveaway

WPP Cosmoprof North America Hot Iron Giveaway 

The Nail Polish Guru Enchanted Polish Giveaway 
Ends: 8/16 

A Little Polish The Verve and  Zoya Giveaway
Ends: 8/17

Pixi Beauty multi product Giveaway
Ends: 8/20

Meisie's Nails: Birthday Giveaway!
Ends: 8/20

Polish Love: 200 Facebook Likes Giveaway
Ends: 8/23

Obsessive Cosmetic Hoarders Unite Barielle Giveaway
Ends: 8/24

Glittery Fingers Blogiversary Giveaway
Ends: 8/25

Pretty Polished Pointers Back to School Giveaway
Ends: 8/27 

My Nailtopia 100,000 Pageviews Giveaway
Ends: 8/31

Candii Polished Giveaway
Ends: 8/31 

Sigma Paris Palette Giveaway from XOXO Alexis Leigh 
Ends: 8/31

Lovefashion Livelife Serum no.5 giveaway
Ends: 8/31

A Scottish Lass Blogiversary Giveaway
Ends: 8/31

Karine's Vernis Club KKCenterHk Giveaway
Ends: 9/6

Ellagee Polish has weekly and daily giveaways!

Gothic Gala Lacquers weekly and daily Giveaways


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