Carpe Noctern- This is My Power Suit

 *This polish was sent to me free of charge as a prize for winning a giveaway. No compensation has been discussed.

This is the latest in my brilliance in polish naming winnings! I am super excited about this, because the week I won this, I  happened to have the MOST creative juices flowing EVER!! This is My Power Suit by Carpe Noctrum. The description of this is:  

It is more on the glittery side with its base being more of a jelly, it holds it's own as a color with one coat, but can be used over colors to pick up the effect of them as well
The base color is a blood/brick reddish brown, bold but not too dark or neutral. the shifts in it are AMAZING! it looks perpetually wet, but dries quite quickly, and boldly shows shifts of micromica in green, silver, orange, and violet.

If you would like to look at more polishes by Carpe Noctrum please visit her Etsy site here. 


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