My Little Polish Auction

Ok.. Here's what I got for you....
I am having a little auction here on Facebook. I am seling the following polishes via an auction. If you see something you like, make an offer. If I dont like the offers I get, I will pull them off and put them up next week. Here are the rules of this auction group:
This will close on Saturday, 7/27 at 11:55pm EST. You will have 5 minutes to make final bids. Winners will be announced by 12pm EST on 7/27. You will then have 24 hrs after invoice to pay. If payment is not made, it will go to the next highest bidder or put back on the feed. They will be $5 for shipping and $.50 for each after that which will include shipping. I will pack very good, but I will not be responsible for them once they leave my hands. If you have any questions, please tag me in the picture and then PM me. I will only sell Paypal invoice and I will ship internationally, but you will have to pay shipping. Ok I think that's it!! Enjoy!
 Now for the ladies for sale::



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