KKCenterHk N.Nail Studs

 *This product was sent to me complimentary from the company mentioned below for the sole purpose of an honest review.

N.NAIL Studs Rectangle Matte Gold 4mmX2mm Nail Art Decorations  from KKCenterHk

Product Number- NNAIL-DRN654

 You all know how much I love nail art and anything to make it easier for me to product art, I especially love. I was given a great opportunity from KKCenterHk to review this product. I loved these! They were easy to pick up, easy to apply and wore really well. I applied them a couple minutes after my polish so that they would actually stay in place where I put them. I then added a thick layer of top coat so that they would "fuse" to the already damp polish. They stayed in place for the entire time I had the mani on and I got so many compliments. I would highly recommend these to jazz up your nails for a night on the town or a special occasion. 

with flash
without flash

Nail Studs 4mmx2mm
Revlon- Royal


  1. Great studs you got to review! They look awesome :)

  2. I love those rectangle studs! Revlon Royal is such a great polish! Weird question... was yours super fume-y? My Royal smells SOOOoo bad! I have a handful of other random Revlon np that don't smell anywhere near that bad... Anyways, great mani! :)

  3. They look super pretty

  4. They look great against that blue. Revlon Royal is truly something special :)

  5. Very cute, and love that Royal polish!


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