Just for the Regular Peeps

Ok, so I had my sister and mom visiting me this week and they were in absolute awe of my collection. I don't think they really got how fabulous my stash really is.  I told them that, "yes, there are 75 pinks. They are all different". That doesn't even begin to start to explain how my week was. I always love to see my family, but polishing is something that I am very passionate about and that with blogging are somethings that truly make me happy. So I am doing this mani just for them. I taught them about accent nails and all kinds of vocabulary that flew right over their heads. I let them run through my stash and made it clear that they don't touch my Nerds or Enchanteds. They painted their nails, I talked about the importance of nail care, base coats, quick dries and cuticle oils. I felt like such an educator!! Anyway, I am sure I will be repeating it again to them on the next trip!

essie- Braziliant
Jordana- Crystal Glitter


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