Independence Day Art Work

Happy 4th of July. Americas Independence Day! July 4, 1776 is when America declared Independence from Great Britain. On this day, we eat tons of hot dogs, set of tons of fireworks, and wear the colors of our country- red, white and blue. I am bringing you three different manis for this holiday. My brother is in the military so these kinds of holidays are especially dear to me, as I am super proud of him and his brave decision to defend my Independence and all that comes with that so I don't have to! PS... This is pic heavy, but think of it as a bunch of fireworks of nails floating up your screen! Be safe and have a great day!

The first set is my stamping mani. For this one I used OMG- Indian Red as my undies and Liquid Lacquer- Sparkly AF! as my topper.

For this mani I also stamped, but I added some striping tape and a gradient effect on my first two fingers. 

The last and final mani is the best one- I think! Just like the finale of fireworks, I have a finale of nails!! I tried to make it really artsy with the sugar spun flag and the water marble, but it truly is a 4th of July skittle!!

OHhh I almost forgot.... Here are some baby nails to round it out...

Orly- Stone Cold
Sinful Colors- Ruby Ruby
China Glaze- White on White


  1. What fun manicures! They all look great :)

  2. You are so very talented


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Thanks for the encouragement!! It is what makes Color Me So Crazy :)

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