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A special thank you to Sarah for sharing her amazing combinations! Be sure to check out her FB page to see more of her combos!

Hello! My name is Sarah from My Lacquer Family.

I have here two of the new polishes from Lynnderella's Talismans and Birthstones collection. Emerald Hope is a mix of all kind of green glitter in a clear base. There are some very small black glitters in there too. I was really surprised at how complex it was for being a one-color-polish. Emerald Hope is over Polar Bare by OPI

The second one I have is Opal Intuition. I like to call this a "sleeper" polish. It looks ok in the bottle but, once you layer it over something else.....WOW. It's a mix of both various glitters and flakies. Opal Intuition over Priti Bachelors Button.


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