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Nida, Thank you so much for doing this for me!! Ladies, be sure to visit her and show her some love!!

Hi, I'm Nidia, and I run a little blog called Lit From Within.  I love nails and nail art, and I'm even getting into beauty products and makeup, too.  I think that a woman's beauty comes from her character, but I love playing with makeup and polish to create illusions. So,  I'm happy that Brigitte is letting me show you some fun nail art! I started with a glitter that wasn't very glittery, but I loved the color.  The light lilac is Wing Dust Save a Life.  Great application.. just wish there were a few more glitter pieces in it.
Then I started freehand painting some diagonal French tips.  First, the darker lilac, OPI for Sephora (SOPI) Iris I Was Thinner, and then I added the shimmery SOPI Violet's Just Get Married on the tips.
I could have stopped there, but I wanted more contrast, so I took a long striper brush and dipped it into SOPI It's Wine O'Clock and drew on the diagonal between the colors.  I added an extra on my thumb because that's how I roll.
Topcoat really helps to pull together a look like this, so that the polish doesn't look bumpy, and of course, it helps protect your design. 
Here's the bottle shot:  Wing Dust Save a Life, SOPI Iris I Was Thinner, SOPI Violet's Just Get Married, and SOPI It's Wine O'Clock.
I love nail art like this because you can change it up easily to reflect your mood.  You could do an ombre' in any color you like, or do a rainbow of neons, or neutrals. If you like the SOPI colors, you need to move quickly, because Sephora has discounted all of them, and it appears that Sephora and OPI are parting ways.  If you want more information about Wing Dust Collections, you can find her on Facebook and Etsy. Thanks again to Brigitte for the opportunity to share my art with you!  If you liked this and want to see more from me, please like my Facebook page, and follow my blog, Lit From Within.  If you are inspired by this nail art, I'd love for you to show me your creations on my Facebook wall!


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