Tri Polish Challenge

Welcome to the June installment of the Tri Polish Challenge!! I really enjoy doing this one as the colors are never anything I would normally put together. This month, our color section is RED, PURPLE and PINK. I picked Cross My Heart by Sinful Colors, Amethyst by Sinful Colors and Penthouse Pink by L'Oreal. I always like to test out the colors prior to the weeks challenge in case I need to swap out a brand or pick another shade. Well, originally, I had Bachelorette Bash by Essie as my pink and it blended too well with Cross My Heart. It was too dark, so I opted for the lighter pink. I think I mentioned before in my "Reds Comparison" that Cross My Heart is my favorite. It's slightly jelly, but I loooooove it. Anyway, for this challenge I decided to use my new stamping plate that I got from KKCenterhk for review. Stay tuned for my full review post on that in a couple days.


Sinful Colors- Cross My Heart 
Sinful Colors-Amethyst 
L'Oreal- Penthouse Pink


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