Summer Mani Challenge- Summer Glitter

I love this idea, I just have no idea (big surprise) what Summer Glitter actually is. I usually take most of these interpretations in my own way- which you all know is unique! It's so hard to interpret what meaning your text has behind it or the tone of the person writing it. This is why I think Emojis are sooo great! If I am stern, I will add a little sad face and if I am happy, I will add a smile face. So with my little rant about text interpretation, I hope you enjoy my summer glitter!! I used Glitzology- Teal-licious as my base and then did a gradient with Jordana-Celebration. On my middle finger I did a blend of the Glitzology, Jordana and Funky Fingers- Diva! I LOOOOOOVE GLITTER!!

Glitzology- Teal-icious
Jordana- Celebration
Funky Fingers- Diva


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Thanks for the encouragement!! It is what makes Color Me So Crazy :)

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