Secret Outlast Clear Gel Review

 * I received this product complimentary from Influenster for the sole purpose of review.

I received a stick of Secret Outlast Clear Gel in my Spring Fever VoxBox. I was pretty excited about this because I am already an exclusive Secret user. I feel in love with Secret a long while ago. I have tried many other deodorants and for some reason, I always went back to Secret. I love their gel- not too sticky. I love their scents- I hate only fresh powder smell (personal preference). I love their sales, coupons and deals. It's just an overall great product for me. One reason why I love their gel is because it just feels fresh once I apply it. It feel cool and clean. Also...the BIGGEST reason is there are NO WHITE MARKS!! I have a bad track record of spilling everything on my clothes so my wardrobe consists mainly of black and dark brown- they conceal stains the best! Anyway, Secret Outlast Clear Gel does not leave those gross white marks that you don't find until half-way through the work day (yes, I've been there). I have never had to deal with a Secret white mark and that is probably the biggest reason why I keep going back!!

So, if you love having ZERO WHITE MARKS like I do, check out some Secret Outlast Clear Gel in your life!

You may also want to check out the Deo Dance,’ starring Bravo star, Jenni Pulos. Just for fun! Try to make your own!!  

 Secret Outlast Clear Gel

Secret Outlast Clear Gel: no white marks and 48 hour protection all for about $4.

  • No white marks:
Rub-off resistant coverage for no white marks: Formula is designed to adhere to your skin and resist rub-off onto clothing, leaving no white marks or residue plus effective 48-hour protection that goes the extra mile.
Fast drying ingredients: Secret Outlast is specifically formulated to dry faster than other clear gels. The formula contains fast drying ingredients that evaporate in seconds, providing a fresh and clean feel.
  • 48 hour protection:
Designed to work in even the most hot, humid and stressful situations: Secret Outlast contains odor-absorbing microcapsules that activate when you need them most – to capture odor and release a fresh scent. 
‣Outlast is clinically tested to help stop odor before it starts, continually working to detect odor and wetness, ensuring coverage whether you’re sitting still OR on the move.
‣The pH of Secret Outlast helps minimize odor-causing bacteria and provides longer lasting 48-hour protection; plus, 2X more odor-fighting Ingredients vs. the top-selling APDO for freshness that lasts as long as you do!


  1. Sounds like a great deodorant! I hate having white marks too.


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