Perlier Lemon Crackling Body Water

*This product was given to me complimentary form iFabbo for my honest review and opinion

I have never heard of this product before, have you? I was so curious what exactly crackling body water was, so I took to the good ol' interwebs to do a little research. Of course, the first place I looked is on the HSN website where it is sold. The best and most accurate information always comes form the source itself. So, I am trying to find out how to use it, where it goes and if I need to do anything to prep my skin and I find out Perlier has an ENTIRE line of all kinds of beauty items. From bath and body to hair care to make up! Ohh my wallet is in trouble! Anyway, if you are looking for it on hsn website, you will need to search by "Perlier Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita". Well this is what is it!

It comes in a 5.0 fl oz container. It looks like hair mousse. You can buy it for $24.50 (plus shipping) from the hsn website. I have a special offer just for my listeners for $5 off any Perlier purchase on Be sure to use the promo code ifaboo5. Some of the features on the site about this product include:

  • Sparkling and crisp
  • Moisturizes and refreshes in one step
  • Makes your skin pleasantly smooth and scented
  • Crackles when applying to skin
  • Provides sudden and strong cooling effect
  • Formulated with food ingredients, just like a true fruit sorbet
  • Fresh and light texture gives a sorbet-like effect on the skin
  • Made in Italy 

When I used it for the first time, the first thing I noticed was how easy it was to dispense. I immediately noticed the awesome lemon smell. It smelled like a real lemon, not a chemically formulated one, like in a cleaning product, but a real fresh squeezed lemon. The bottle is very light so I figured there was not a lot of product in there, but the product itself is extremely light. This was very refreshing because I knew that I wasn't loading a lot of product on to my body to incumber the heat. The coolest part about this is the crackling noise. It actually crackles.  See the video below! Yes, it crackles. After I let it crackle on my skin until it all the crackling was gone, I rubbed it in. It was so light and smooth and cooling. It felt great and smelled even better. There was not a sticky or slimy residue, but it blended perfectly into my skin. For an extra cooling treat, you can put your bottle right in the fridge. I did this before I mowed my lawn in like 90 degree heat and when I got done, it felt divine on my neck and back! 

I absolutely recommended this product. It would be great to bring to the gym with you if you need some extra freshening on the way home and to cool down as well.For me, this is now a staple in my office. Being an event planner, I am often running around in heels one minute and then have to meet with clients (smelling not like I just ran a marathon) the next. The Perlier Lemon Crackling Body Water lets me relax, cool down and smell refreshed all in a couple of seconds.Be sure to check out the whole line of Perlier products on HSN by using this link!

Forgive the smooshed graphics, but all I needed was the sound!

Don't forget, you can click on any of my pictures and it will take you to the Perlier site on HSN!!


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