Neons- Week 2!

So I am catching up- quickly for that matter! I lost my creative juice when my neons were not working for me, then I found the perfect combo! I decided to do a gradient sponge for this. Kind of failed, but I think it's cute! I tried to get creative with my art, but I feel like I am stuck with the same designs!! I am getting sick of the same old stuff. I will have to be creeping on some tutorials to learn some fresh art. So, without further ado--- Spongy Neon!

Wet n' Wild- Saved by the Blue
Orly- Glowsticks
Orly- Hot Shot
Orly- Truly Tangerine


  1. Loving the neon gradient! I was thinking of doing one also! :)

  2. Never thought about doing a neon gradient. Might try this next!

    check out my recent neons post :


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