Jindie does it sTEALth

So, I bought a whole bunch more Jindies the other day and this was one of the ones that I really wanted! I now have about a million of them! Well, not a million....but it seems like it! I really like Jindies polishes. They are so packed full of glitter and color and holo that they are soo great. I usually buy minis to start out and then if I really like that specific color, I move onto the full size. I am usually a 1 time use girl with my polishes, so usually minis are good for me. I wish that all polishes came in mini size anyway. I would be totally buying the "sample size" and then upgrading if I loved it. Anyway, I really like sTEALth.. It is part of the Matte Velvet Collection. sTEALth is a teal-colored jelly with a pinkish shimmer, small hex and square iridescent glitter.I love the jelly look of this polish a lot! Well, enjoy!

Jindie Nails- sTEALth


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Thanks for the encouragement!! It is what makes Color Me So Crazy :)

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