Impromptu Holo Photo Session

So I wanted to wear some holos because I have missed them in my life! I slapped on some beautiful Color Club holos and went to town. It also happened to be the only sunny day this week and I had a lot of running around to do! You all know that artificial light does nothing for holos and they always show their true beauty in the natural sunlight. This also happened to be the most traffic I have event sat in from my house to the grocery store. So, I decided- PHOTO SHOOT TIME! Rock it! As you can see, I snapped pics with all kinds of props. OPI polish, Tic Tacs, my shifter... Hey I have a lot of crap in my car, but it limited within my reach. So, I hope you all enjoy my impromptu photo shoot!

Color Club-Cosmic Fate
Color Club-Kismet


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Thanks for the encouragement!! It is what makes Color Me So Crazy :)

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