Glitter Bomb and Gradient

Glitter Bomb Baby!!! I was in the mood for a good glitter bomb in my life, so I just blew it up!! hehe This is another pic heavy post- so enjoy!! Anyway- I was give the OPI as a sweet kind gift and the rest I bought with my own monies! The first two pictures I have are the full hand full of glitter gradient. I really really like doing gradients and they are especially easy to do them with glitter. For some reason, I find they blend a little better. The remainder of the pictures are the OPI on all fingers except my accent finger which is the gradient. For the gradient, I had the OPI at the bottom and blended up to the Star Dust and then Pinky Glitter. I hope you enjoy this tick, tick, tick, tick BOOM dynamite!

OPI- Metallic 4 Life
Sinful Colors- Pinky Glitter
Sinful Colors- Star Dust 


  1. Looks awesome! I love glitter gradients too :)

  2. Such a different take on gradient!! Love this!!


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