Here is another installment to my Winnings Manis! I won this from ColorSutraa and I absolutely love this color. Purple is my absolute favorite color and I am so excited about this polish. The application was like buttah! The color is GORG! The bottle is super cute and I won this!! Hello!!!!!! Babi- I love love love love this! Well, now that you all know how I feel about that... This is a great polish and I won it in the Turkish Giveaway. Babi from ColorSutraa went to Turkey and held an awesome giveaway. I happened to win it and this beauty came with 2 other Golden Rose polishes. I swatched one of them here. They are beautiful as well. Without further ado...

Carrefour- #21


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Thanks for the encouragement!! It is what makes Color Me So Crazy :)

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