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Ohhhh I have a special treat for you!!! I won these as a random- sporadic giveaway on LynBDesigns Facebook page. I won them with no promise or assumption of review. Presenting Harriet, Millie, Stella, Verna and Dharma from the Twitterpated collection. These are named after 5 of her 31 chickens and in each polish description on her Etsy page she has a little write up about each one. Soo soo cute.  I have been holding them for quite some time now so that I could dedicate a whole night to properly swatch them. These all had great application and as you can see there are some great colors. For all of these swatches I have the color over China Glaze White on White (index finger), over Sinful Colors Black on Black (middle finger), 3 coats alone (index finger) and 1 coat alone (pinkie finger). I actually ended up doing y final NOTD with Dharma and Verna over the Sinful Black on Black. Information on more LynBDesign products and social media contacts are listed below. Well I hope you enjoy these and

Dharma is a pink micro flaky polish and I really like it a lot. This is my fave!

Harriet is a copperish red flaky polish

Millie is a gold flaky topper that doesn't work too well by it's self, but it is gorgeous over the white.

Stella is Millie's sister from another mister. It is a silver flaky topper. This one absolutely needs an undie with it.

Verna is a blue micro flaky polish. I really liked this color, but not so much by itself. I really really liked it on top of the black.


  1. Congrats on winning them! Such nice colors as well :)


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Thanks for the encouragement!! It is what makes Color Me So Crazy :)

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