Julie G Gumdrops!!

So I have this fascination with all the textured polishes and I WILL buy all of them just because I am in love with the bumpy feeling on my nails. Anyway, I picked up only 2 of the Julie G colors because I was not in love with the others. I will probably get them at a later date, but right now- meh. I really really really love this color. This may be a surprise because it is not vampy at all, but I LOVE it! I hope you all do as well!! Oh P.S.- you may want to grab a napkin or something to wipe the drool off when you are done.

Julie G- Crushed Candy


  1. Great color and texture polish :)

  2. I got the whole set at discount, but I really don't love the oranges. This color-- Crushed Candy (you forgot to mention the name)-- Rock Candy and Blueberry Fizz are my favorites. :)

    1. Sherri,
      Thank you so much for catching that. I always put the brand and name at the bottom. I don't know what happened here. Also, I really really want to try Blueberry Fizz. Stay tuned!


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