Gem Crush!!! Ohh Prenny!

Gem Crush!!! I bought this polish from my lovely Nail Lady and I just got around to trying it. Part of my monthly challenges includes using at least half of my untrieds- it goes. I tried to use this once before, but it was really clumpy and I think it's because I thought it was just a top coat. Nope. This is a full coverage polish. Reason #1 I love it! It is full coverage. I only used a base coat. No need for undies. Reason #2- I got it for $1 from the Nail Lady. While it is a little more expensive in stores, Sally Hansen is still more reasonable for my wallet then other polishes. They have some really cool polishes, too. For example, Lustre Shine- gorg and only $7-$8! Anyway, Enjoy this!!


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Thanks for the encouragement!! It is what makes Color Me So Crazy :)

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