Beautisol Self Tanning Mousse

 *I received this product for free for my honest review. 
Press Release

I just joined iFabbo and I am super excited to start reviewing the products they offer. The first one that I received is the Beautisol Medium Self Tanning Mousse with Pure Scent. The packaging is very cute. The bottle is simple, yet very attractive. With the actual bottle came an Application Mitt as well as an Application Guide. The guide was really great because it can be very confusing as to how much product to apply on certain areas of your body. One of the many great aspects to Beautisol is their website. It is so informative. You can really tell that the entire Beautisol teams really believes in their product and it shows with the quality of their product and the web material. So, back to the Application Guide. I misplaced my guide the first time I applied and I did a web search for "Beautisol Application Guide" so that I could make sure I was doing the application correctly. The first thing that popped up was the Beautisol website! They actually have a page with printable guides!! This to me shows that they care about how their products shows on their customers and that they really do what their customers to be happy with the products. In addition to the the printable application guides, they have an entire tab dedicated to how-tos and educational material. Wow! What an awesome site!
Download body self-tanners application guide
So on to the actual product. As I mentioned above, I received the Medium Self-Tanning Mousse, Application Guide, and an Easy Application Mitt. I was a little weary about the mitt at first, because I thought there was no way that the little glove would keep the self tanner off of my hands. I have used self tanner before and I have also went to get a spray tan, so I have a couple tricks in my arsenal already. I decided to only do what I was instructed on the Application Guide to be fair to the review. I followed the instructions- exactly! The Application Guide instructed me what to do for the "perfect prep". I started out with a freshly showered, exfoliated body. 

I applied the mousse to the Application Mitt. This was where I started to get a little nervous. It came out very dark. I remembered that I read that this product actually has a light color guide so that I can see where I was putting it. Another thing that I noticed immediately was the smell. It was AWESOME!! I mean I hate the smell of self tanner. It usually smells like burnt skin or something grossly chemical. This was a nice, fresh scent. This was a huge plus for me. Beautisol has Pure Scent technology with their self tanners and bronzers. This to me didn't mean much until I actually used it. A lot of products claim to have a "pure" or "non chemical" scent and when you go to use it, that is not the case. This actually has a pleasant scent and makes the application that much better. I didn't find myself rushing through the application just to escape to a ventilated area. I could actually take my time to make sure I got all my body covered without trying to make the great escape!

Anyway, I applied the mousse to the mitt as directed with the Application Guide and went to town. I did get slightly nervous as how that glove was going to stop the mousse from getting in my hands, but it did. I really enjoyed applying this product. 

The following are before pictures. They are all taken after my skin was exfoliated. I wanted to show the picture of my scar because I always have a hard time with this particular spot in the summer. It either turns bright red or bright white.Also, I have such fair skin that I always! always! get splotchy on my chest and usually a nice tan fixes that for me. We shall see if Beautisol can do that!

The following are immediately after pictures. I can definitely tell that there is a nice bronze color to my skin. Again- it smells great still! No burning skin smell.I let it air dry for about 2 minutes- just enough that I knew it wasn't going to soak through my clothes. I actually dried pretty quickly on it's own- another plus!

These are 8 hours after pictures. I slept while it developed- which is what the tips guide suggest you do. I did not have any residue on my sheets and none on my pajamas- that I noticed.

These are 5 days after pictures. This is when I noticed that it started to fade. Now, I must say that I did not reapply at all and I think that if I would have reapplied 2-3 days later, I could maintain this beautiful tan for quite some time. I just wanted to see what the wear time would be. For me, it's 5 days.

Now a little more about the product- FACTS TIME!!

At about $29 retail on their website you can purchase exactly what I got above.
According to Beautisols website, the Medium Self- Tanning Mousse offers the following unique qualities.
  • Innovative PURE SCENT odor-eliminating fragrance technology reduces the unpleasant processing odor by up to 80%
  • A light guide color allows you to see where you applied the product and where you missed to ensure a flawless application
  • Advanced, patented DHA provides a perfectly natural color while preventing oxidative stress
  • Paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, and cruelty-free (PETA certified)
  • Antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients help nourish and hydrate the skin
This means that this product is not tested on animals and filled with great, quality ingredients that are good for your skin!

Overall, I give this product a double thumbs up! I will even go as far as saying, this is THE best self tanner I have ever used. I highly recommend it!


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