Tri-Color Challenge- April

I am soooo late for this post, but my week has been crazy!!! Like really crazy! I managed to do this mani over a 3 day period and then finally photograph them at work. Sorry about the crazy quality, but again I was at work. I decided to do the grunge-scrape look for this week. I have done this look several times, but with these colors, it looks great! I also through in the random zebra stripe on the thumb. I did a workshop on Thursday with about 30ish girls on stress reduction techniques. Of course my contribution was- manis!! I will throw up a post on that a little bit later, but i was using one of my fingers to show different techniques that they could do with household items and some tricks to do. The girls loved it and it was totally worth waiting an extra day to put up this post.

China Glaze-Turned Up Turquoise
 Essie- Bachelorette Bash 
 Orly- Truly Tangerine


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