Pastel Challenge- Final Post

This is the last post of the Pastel Challenge through the Nail Challenge Collaborative group. This is so bittersweet to me because as I do love spring colors, I hate them on my nails. I am so glad to be done with pastels. I absolutely loved seeing the others girls ideas and I am still so honored to be part of this group, but blech I do not like light colors. It was just announced that next month is stamping! I am pretty excited because I will be able to hone in on my stamping techniques. I can tell you that it has gotten 50000 times better since I first started, but I am no where near the skill of some of the other girls. So enjoy this last pastel!

Revlon- Sparkling Sunshine
L'Oreal- Penthouse Pink
Zoya- Kristen


  1. That's a cute cloud mani you did here. I really like that yellow polish.

  2. Thank you!! It is called Sparkling Sunshine made by Revlon!

  3. Lol why do you not like light colors? This mani turned out pretty! :)


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Thanks for the encouragement!! It is what makes Color Me So Crazy :)

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