NotD Dotty Dot Dot- Color Fail :(

So everyone in one of my groups was posting pictures of their doticures and I, of course, wanted to show off mine. I really love this french-dot design and I have used it with several different color combinations. My favorite is the Steelers mani I did with the french-dot. I did the single line french-dot with the Steelers one though. Anyway, I got this Milani Neon from my nail lady and have been DYING to use it. It is my favorite color, purple, and it's a Milani.
I put the bases on and I thought that the Milani was not the right color. I mean it's a neon, it should not look maroon right?? Well it did. I am not sure at this point to be mad at Milani or my nail lady! I am hoping not my nail lady because she is coming to work again in the near future and I am dropping dough!! Anyway....what do you think?? I think the color is a little off?? Also, it really sucked up the white and made my white tips and dots lavender. I really think that now that I know that- I could take advantage of mixing to get a really nice lavender.

Milani- Rad Purple
China Glaze- White on White 


  1. I agree with you! That's no neon in my book, either, but I wouldn't blame your nail lady. LOL. Yeah, I think we should probably pin the issue on someone in Milani marketing.

    I have several Milanis, and I love them all. This is the first "problem" I've seen with the line, and I use the word gingerly here, cause the color is absolutely stunning. It just doesn't say NEON to me.

    Your idea of mixing with the white is a clever one!

    Nice job! :)



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