Nail Nation 3000- Cupids Arrow

I won this beauty from a giveaway a while ago and I still have not had a chance to try it. I did try try my other NailNation 3000- Eye of Newt- in a previous post. Linked here if you wan to check it out.  I love most of NailNation 3000 colors and I couldn't wait to give this one a try. I have heard that there may sometimes be discrepancies with colors and the way they appear on the website differing from the way they are in person. I have not bought a polish from NailNation yet, but I will have to judge that for myself when I do. As far as this color goes, I love it! It was a great application and the outcome is beautiful. I have had this same polish on for (gasp) 3 days now and I have not had any wear or tear. As you can see a couple pictures down, there is a slight glitter sink, but a good shake will fix that right up. I really do not mind indies that have a glitter sinking slightly because mostly they have great quality. Just having to give the polish an extra shake will not ruin a polish for me.


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