Back to Vampy!!

Ohhhh you know I couldn't stay away for long! After all this pastel stuff and springy colors I had to bring it  back for a little! Vamp- here I come! I got these Revlons from my nail lady and I have been dying to try this Ruby Ribbon over black for quite some time now. After I decided to burn 3 of the 5 fingers on my right hand- badly, I had to get something easy on my fingers since I am in so much pain. The worst part was cleaning up- holy crap. The remover didn't burn or sting, the pressure hurt the worst. I love love love this combo and I hope you all do to! P.S. don't mind my broken pointer and index finger :( Let's hope Nailtek does its job and gets them grown back quickly!

Revlon- Black Star
Revlon- Ruby Ribbon


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Thanks for the encouragement!! It is what makes Color Me So Crazy :)

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