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Ok so I am soooo excited about this post for 2 reasons. 1) I got this polish as an early BDay gift from my dear friend Stephanie and A Little Polish and because I am representing my lovely fraternity boys again. I have posted and dedicated manis to them many of times, but this is the first for this year. This week is Greek Week at the Univesity that I work at and, for those of you who don't know, I advise a fraternity. Yes. A fraternity. All boys! I love them dearly and they drive me insane, but I really enjoy working with them. Well anyway. Yesterday kicked off Greek Week with Greek Games. Of course, my son and I were there to volunteer our time and at the same time cheer on the boys! They did a really great job and loved this mani!!!

I want to add that this polish from Liquid Lacquer was awesome. The application was great and the removal was even better. Usually I have to scrub my glitter off my nails with a metal scrubbing pad, but not with this. It removed with a normal cotton ball and remover. Good job Melissa!! A+ in my book!

Finger Paints- Lavender Highlight
Liquid Lacquer- Late Night Snack

Some of the boys <3

More boys pics <3
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