Let it Snow! Challenge- Winter Blues

Ok so there's only so many "blue" manis I can do! Worst part is I think this was one of my contributions to the challenge. So I decided to do a depressing mani with gloomy colors. I did use a blue, but the grey on top kind of cancels out the brightness of it. Besides all that, I am really excited because I have been using Nail Tek and I can definitely see a difference! My nails are longer and stronger. Now I started using this about a week before the bar I worked at closes, so I'm still not sure if they are so nice because I haven't abused my hands lately or if its really the Nail Tek. I'm hoping its the later half. Now if I can only get the winter to stop killing my cuticles, I'll be ok! So anyway, I did a Saran mani for this weeks challenge. I wanted to do something that would really accent the miserableness that I think winter is! I think I got that!! I also added a tutorial and a pic of what I do to my right hand when I did this blog post! I did pretty good being a non-dominant hand! So, without further ado...

Right hand

Revlon- Royal
L'Oreal- Safari Chic

Saran Mini Tutorial 


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