Holo Love!!

I love Jindie Nails! Her colors are just really great! Purple Rainbow is now my fav...I mean fav of all time!! I love, love, love this polish! You will see the gorg that I have stared at ALL day long below, but I am so happy I got the capture the glitz. I was saving this polish because this was literally the first sunny day for a couple weeks. I saw the sun, grabbed the Jindie and headed for the camera. I also added the Delusional Polish for some extra sparkle as a little accent! I actually won the Delusional Polish in a multi-blogger giveaway a couple weeks ago. The prizes just arrived, so of course I had to dig in. It's like Christmas time when winnings arrive! Well I hope you enjoy!


Jindie Nails- Purple Rainbow
Delusional Polish- Snow Caps


  1. like the jindie holo! scattered holos are the prettiest


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Thanks for the encouragement!! It is what makes Color Me So Crazy :)

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