52 Week Challenge- Violet

Now that my winter challenge is wrapping up, I can try to concentrate on my 52 weeker. The winter challenge will be changing to a monthly one, so that will be good. Any, the challenge was violet. Soooo many things I can do. I choose my Jindie matted out because a) I found it and b) it turned out gorg (just as I pictured in my head). Back story: I wanted to try this Jindie when I first bought it. I pulled it out, ended up cooking dinner, cleaning up and putting my kids to bed. I sat down to do my mani and "BAM" it was gone! I suspected my daughter of taking it and asked her for a straight week where it was. She told me "no" every time! Welp, a couple weeks later, I found her stash!! 3 polishes, lip gloss, a sponge, several key chains and about $5 in change! Mini kelpto if I can say so! So, I put it back in my untrieds and just recently stumbled upon it again. I thought it would match perfectly with my violet so it was my accent for this challenge. AND IT DID! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do... *Stare, drool, stare some more*

Jindie Nails- Be Someone Cute
NOPI- Vio-Let's Talk About Red
NYC- Matte Me Crazy


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