Zoya Sale Fun

So of course I hopped on the Zoya sale! I bought several polishes! Lolly, Kristen, Quinn, Natty, Paris, Renewal and Ridge filler! Free shipping and all for $20ish dollars. I really really like Zoya! Their formula is phenom and their brush is great! I am a big brush judger. If it doesn't have a nice brush, I probably won't buy at all. I have really small hands and nails so brushes are important. Anyway, I used Quinn and Kristen for this. I have wanting to stamp again since I have not for some time now. I did a simple dot stamp with Kristen on 2 accent nails. I really like this. Also, I have been using my Sally Hansen miracle gel again so my cuties are starting to look good again. I have a great combo that has been lengthening and strengthening! Enjoy!

Zoya- Quinn
Zoya- Kristen


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