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Has anyone used Sole Society?? I got a coupon code from the Holiday VoxBox 2012 from Influenster to try them out and I really do not know what to get. I signed up to be a member to their site and I have gotten about 4 emails since I signed up (a weekish ago). They have offered me 2 different incentives to try to get me to buy. I saw a lot of cute shoes, but I have a couple issues. First, why should I buy from them? Their shoes are "meh", their prices are not competitive and they have no-brand name shoes. I can buy brand name designer shoes from the Victoria's Secret website and use a similar coupon.Sole Society's page tab tag is "Surprisingly Affordable..."

Victoria's Secret


Sole Society

The 2nd thing about Sole Society is that their selection is just not great. I am a woman, I love shoes! I love shoes so much that I have many pairs of shoes. I need more of a selection because I probably already have all the shoes they show on their website. Another example: Victoria's Secret has 4+ pages of boots where Sole Society has barely 1. That is not a selection at all to me. Their tag line is even "Shoes on trend, every day" So, they do have cute shoes- the few that are there. I do not see trendy though. I mean look at the example above. Brandi is the only pointyish toed, skinnyish heeled boot on the page. That is about it if you are looking for a "sexy" boot. There are no rain boots, there are no snow boots and there is one pair of ankle combat boots. Where is the every day trend?? 
Another issue I have is that I just don't get their site. I am an average consumer, ok maybe above average, but I should be able to understand their concept as soon as I log on to their page. I should not have to search to see why their selection is limited or what the whole society thing is about or what the social aspect on their page is about. I just am confused by their site. They are supposed to release a new style every day, but I have looked on their site every day since joining and I have not seen a new style of boots at all. (I am specifically looking at boots, because I really did want to buy a new pair, it just worked out better for this post that their selection is *meh*) The final issue I have with the site itself is that they do not have a comment section or buyers reviews for any shoes. How am I supposed to know if they run big or are a little tight around the average calf or just plain fell apart after 2 days of wear. I feel like when a site does not want to show comments or reviews they are hiding something. That is a big giant red flag for me. They also have this final sale thing on a lot of their shoes. What is this you ask? Me too! If an item is on final sale, you cannot exchange it or get a  refund. Not so good for a site that has no reviews for their products. So...why SHOULD I buy my shoes from here?!?!
In conclusion, comparing Sole Society to ShoeDazzle!. They both have a similar concept, so to be fair, I will do a final comparison of each. 
No membership fee
Boots start at $39.95
Free shipping over $39
Free returns under 45 days - $5.95 restocking fee on refunds
Very wide selection-*like awesomely wide*
Have to join site to view selection
Quiz to help pick your style
Trendy shoes, current style
Reviews for each product
Mobile site
Gift cards available
Rewards/referral program

No membership fee
Boots start at $59.95
Free shipping
Free returns under 30 days- $7.95 restocking fee on refunds
Very limited selection
Do not have to join to view selection
No style quiz to help pick shoes- Style tips within the shoe selection
Somewhat current style
Final sale not eligible for refunds or exchanges
No giftcards
Referral program 


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