Let it Snow! Challenge- Icicles

Keep it Simple stupid- that's my motto for now! Until I get better tools and longer nails, my detail will be limited! Well semi-limited! I really like this one a lot because I textured them to look like they were 3D. Of course, you can't see it in the pics, but they were! I really have been working hard on all of my contest entries, challenges, full time job, part time job and 2 kids. The number one question I always get is, "How in the heck do you have time to do you nails?". Well I always say, it is ME time and ME time is important. I will always make time to do my nails, even if i sacrifice some Zzzzzzs! You can never cage the beast here! I'm pretty proud of myself trucking through both challenges I am doing and the rando art challenge giveaways that I enter. I really like this group though! They are so supportive and always have great art! Fan crush on my group! Enjoy!

Sally Hansen- Polar Bear
Hit Polish- Aquarella


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