Jelly Sammy Time: China Glaze vs OPI

Jelly Sammy Time!! So, I couldn't wait for the China Glaze/ OPI showdown. I did a Jelly Sandwich for this task. I used the OPI for the "bread" and the China Glaze for the Jelly. Don't get me wrong, but the end result was fabulous!! I love myself a good Sammy and this was one! I did realize that I have a biased love affair with OPI. I think it's the formula of China Glaze. Like a little watery, maybe? Another BAD, BAD thing is that this glitter polish is messy when you clean up. I have had this experience with a couple other glitters, but it gets everywhere when it gets taken off. Ugh!! Well at least the mani is cute!! Enjoy

OPI- You Callin' Me A Lyre
China Glaze- Pizzazz


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