Goody QuikStyle

So as many of you know, I joined Influenster and got my first complimentary VoxBox! In this box was a Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush. My task was to try it out and then report my findings! I love these games!! I was a little bit skeptic at first because I have very thick hair and it takes a good half hour to dry with a blow dryer. Well, I tried it as Goody promises to cut down drying times by removing as much as 30% of water from your hair. Yes! It absolutely cut down drying time. My other worry was the microfiber cloth in the bristles. I thought no way is this thing going to rip through this mop and then dry without getting moldy! Welp, surprise again! No mold and dries right back to shape!! So if you are curious and want to play this game go to GoodyHair and QuikStyle Brush and enjoy it as much as I do!!


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