Ecopolo Week!!

Good thing I have the best neighbor probably in the whole nail polish world! A Little Polish let me borrow Ecopolo last week and I knew I was saving it for a good time. Well my Ecopolo group is now having themed weeks. So at first I was sooo excited because I love this groups. The girls are really fab! As I have mentioned before, I am already part of 2 other weekly challenges, so hopefully I can keep up with this one! Anyway, this week is Ecopolo Week. We do have a polish, which are in the pictures, called Ecopolo. I was also thinking that if I have time, I would like to feature the polish of some of the other ladies in the Ecopolo group that make polish. I do have a busy polish week with Pretty Little Liars coming back- look for that tomorrow! Again, anyway, Amy's Nail Boutique made Ecopolo and it's a beaut! Great application and very very VERY pretty! Enjoy!

NOPI- I've got Bieber Fever


  1. Love Ecopolo! I'm still deciding which shade to wear it over for mine. It looks great!

  2. Ohh looks amazing!!

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