52 Week Challenge- Splatter

I have been wanting to try this technique for quite some time now and the week finally came. So, I was so ready for this. Got all my supplies. Went to look for a straw, and then I discovered all I had was twisty kids straws! For real?!? Well I tried it anyway and the hard plastic just sucked! Half way through, I found a infant medicine dispenser and used that. It actually worked waaaaay better. It took me a couple times to get the best "blow" to get the best splatter, but I finally perfected it on my last nail. I would like to do this again, but maybe go with a white or lighter base.

Sinful Colors- Amethyst
Sinful Colors- Daredevil
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
L'Oreal- Jet Set to Paris
Sally Hansen- Black Tie Affair

This is the first straw I used- DO NOT USE!!

Baby medicine dispenser- totally great back up!!

Pre Clean up Pictures... I did use Vaseline to aid in quick clean up. I totally recommend that!


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