Share the Wealth Day!!

Hello All! I hope you all survived part 1 of the crazy Holiday season. Well part 1 for me, part 2 is the New Years process. Oh vey!! So, I deiced that since I have won some giveaways lately, that I would love to give you guys the chance to win some as well. I have dedicated an ENTIRE page to giveaways from around the polish world. I will be updating it weekly, so be sure to check back then. If you guys know of a giveaway that is not on the page, please let me know so I can post it up. This extra specially applies if you are having a giveaway! I would love to feature my followers giveaways. So... look up at the top of the homepage of Color Me So Crazy and check out the new tab named "Giveaways from Around the Polish World".


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