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Rimmel Lodon has a whole new set of my favorite finish of makeup. The Only 1 Matte Lipstick is an all-in-one matte lipstick that gives you a long-lasting, moisturizing color. It gives you all day color without drying out your kissers. The specie formula is made up of emollient oil and a liquid polymer to give that comfortable, all day look. I have three out of the nine colors to show off to you today. 
Trendsetter is a nude, leaning tan color. I'm not a huge fan of nudes because they just don't look great on me. This one is a little bit darker so I will rock it. I always feel like I'm just slapping some foundation on my lips when I wear a true nude so I appreciate a swing in a shade lighter or darker. 
Call The Shots
This a a bright star berry red that is just perfect for this season. I think of this shade as a perfect transition color. It's dark enough for the winter season, but bright enough to bring us into the spring season. 
Take The Stage
The last color I have is the red out of the collection. I usually do not like reds at all just because, again, I don't feel as if they look good on me. For some reason, I love this color. The shade is just a little warmer and it just goes perfectly with my skin tone. 
Overall, I am totally digging these colors and the formula. For only $7.99 and availability at most drug and grocery stores, it makes the love even greater. They were all a smooth, silky application and literally applied like butter. I appreciate a no-tug application from a matte. Have you tried any of these? What do you think of these colors?


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